1. Warranty is valid only on purchases made from Sleephill.com.
  2. Warranty is applicable only on Sleephill Mattresses range.
  3. Sleephill mattresses have a warranty of 12 years against any manufacturing defect.
  4. Incase of a manufacturing defect, the mattresses will be subjected to replacement within one year of purchase (from the delivery date). Post first year, repair will be applicable
  5. Upon opening the seal, any physical damage or stain on the mattress will be considered as a manufacturing defect.
  6. Cracks, deformation , spilts and stains will be considered as a manufacturing defect.
  7. Any physical flaw in the product counts as a manufacturing defect.
  8. Warranty is NOT valid if the original configuration of the product is changed
  9. The warranty terms are subject to change without prior notice.
  10. Disputes regarding warranty, if any, are subject to the jurisdiction of Mumbai.
  11. Any sort of improper usage will not be covered under warranty terms.
  12. Firmness and comfort preferences of the product are not considered as a manufacturing defect.
  13. If the fabric/zip /mattress damage is caused while opening the seal of the mattress it will both be covered under warranty.
  14. Any sort of spillage, crumbling and natural disintegration, bleeding, faded color, stains (of any type) does not get covered in the warranty policy.
  15. Damage due to poor mattress care does not come under warranty cover, including but not limited to dirt, poor handling, exposure to hot or cold temperatures, wear and tear etc.
  16. Compression in the thickness of mattress more than 15 mm is not covered under warranty.
  17. Warranty is only be applicable for original purchaser.
  18. Sleephill reserves the right to reject the warranty claim if photo/video proof of the damaged product is not provided
  19. Please maintain the proof of purchase which includes invoice and purchase related documents.
  20. Product return charges (shipping) will be borne by the purchaser.
  21. Warranty claims will be settled in 15 days from the day of pick up.
  22. Any repair or return of exchange will not result in extension of product warranty.
  23. A manufacturing defect in the cover zipper. This does not include breakage of the zipper from improper or manhandling of the zipper.
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