Sleephill Rai Mustard Seeds Pillow for New Born Baby (0- 12 Months)

This pillow is filled with just enough Mustard Seeds that allows to have flexible design. It helps to shape your baby’s head and evenly distributes the pressure to prevent flat head. This pillow is made of 100% premium quality Aloe Vera Infused fabric for maximum comfort and is infused with Aloe Vera and high GSM cover
11″ X 7″ inches


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Sleephill Rai Mustard Seeds Pillow for New Born Baby 0- 12 Months

Aloe Vera Infused high GSM cover , Oeko-Tex Certified, Baby Head Shaper Pillow

Premium Quality

Made of 100% premium quality fabric and is Oeko-Tex Certified. The pillow is aloe vera infused and is a perfect fit for a standard crib. The Mustard seed gives beautiful round head shape

Prevents Flat Head Syndrome:

This sleephill pillow helps place baby head in an ergonomically correct position by evenly distributing pressure around a baby’s head, neck and shoulders.

Why Sleephill Rai Mustard Seeds Pillow for New Born Baby 0- 12 Months?

Removable Cover

We are strong advocates for cleanliness and utility and it is very important to include these aspects in our products. So in order to facilitate this, we decided to include a removable cover with the Pillow. The pillow cover is easily detachable and can be removed for a quick wash. Preferably, a gentle cold wash.


This pillow is suitable for babies aged from 0-12 months. It can be used in cots, prams, pushchairs, rocking chairs and strollers.

5 year Warranty

It comes with 5 years warranty. However, if the product has been mishandled or stained, it won’t be eligible for any exchange/refund. To top that, you don’t have to pay an extra delivery fee to become a part of the Sleephill family! So just lay down and relax with the comforts of the Sleephill Contour Memory Foam Pillow.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How is the Countor pillow different from regular pillow
Contour pillows are very different from traditional pillows. The curved shape is specially designed to accommodate the shape and head of the sleeper. They don’t bulge or sink when one is sleeping. Furthermore, they help with spinal alignment and provide tremendous back support.
Does the product come with any warranty?
Yes, the product offers 5 years warranty. It covers all sorts of manufacturing defects and errors.
What are the dimensions of this pillow?
The Sleephill Memory Foam – Original Pillow has standardized dimensions of 27-inch x 17-inch x 4.5 inch.
Is the pillow made in India
Yes, the pillow is completely made in India. Each and every material is locally sourced and our products are totally manufactured in India.
Does it also come with an outer cover?
Yes, the pillow comes with a removable cover. The purpose of providing a cover is so that one can wash the same. However, we would recommend a gentle cold wash.


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