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Orthopedic Latex Pillow – Contour

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Soft Latex Pillow – Contour is especially helpful for those people who are undergoing any sort of facial or spinal physiotherapy. Not only does it retain your spinal health but is also really comfortable to sleep on.
Length-23″ Width– 14″ Height-3.5″

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Sleephill Soft Latex Pillow - Contour

Contour pillow is made using pincore technology – a cooling mechanism that elevates air circulation in your pillow

Superior Latex Quality

It’s in the name itself, the Sleephill Water Dual Comfort mattress is customizable! Soft or Firm – it’s just a matter of one flip. Originally, we would recommend the medium-soft side, however, the medium-firm side is just as comfortable. This mattress offers the best of both worlds.

German Pin-Core Technology

It is a scientifically proven fact that the most common reason for neck pain is a prolonged abnormal posture during sleep. A soft filled pillow that quickly drops its shape fails to offer the level of support that is needed to relax the neck muscles and ligaments. Instead, these structures are left unsupported, causing neck strain. This pillow is especially helpful for those people who are undergoing any sort of facial or spinal physiotherapy. Not only does it retain your spinal health but is also really comfortable to sleep on. Furthermore, this pillow is made using pincore technology – a cooling mechanism that elevates air circulation in your pillow.

Why Sleephill Contour Soft Latex Pillow?

Removable Cover

We are strong advocates for cleanliness and utility and it is very important to include these aspects in our products. So in order to facilitate this, we decided to include a removable cover with the Pillow. The pillow cover is easily detachable and can be removed for a quick wash. Preferably, a gentle cold wash.

Fleece Fabric

The pillow is shielded with a high GSM fleece fabric on top with a velvet finish. The velvet enhances the overall look and feel of the pillow making it plusher and luxurious.

5 year Warranty

It comes with 5 years warranty. However, if the product has been mishandled or stained, it won’t be eligible for any exchange/refund. To top that, you don’t have to pay an extra delivery fee to become a part of the Sleephill family! So just lay down and relax with the comforts of the SleepHill Contour Soft Latex Pillow.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is the atex used in this pillow organic?
Yes, the Sleephill Cervical Contour Orthopedic Latex Pillow is made of 100% organic latex which is extremely sterile and also possesses antimicrobial properties.
Does this pillow prevent sweat?
Yes, the Sleephill Contour Latex Pillow is made using ‘Pincore Technology’. The little holes within the pillow propagate air circulation, thereby reducing the amount of sweat generated in one’s sleep.
Is this pillow suitable for a person undergoing physiotherapy?
Yes, this pillow is specially designed to suit the needs of people who have experienced surgery or are recovering from the same. Not only does it help retain your spinal health but also provides immense back and neck support
Is this product child friendly?
Yes, the Sleephill Contour Latex Pillow is universal and can be used by anyone and everyone. The latex used in this pillow is completely organic and doesn’t irritate one’s skin in any way. Furthermore, this pillow is covered in a high-quality breathable fabric that is detachable and can be washed frequently.
Does this product have any warranty and is it returnable?
Yes, the Sleephill Contour Latex Pillow comes with 5 years warranty. The warranty covers all sorts of manufacturing defects and errors (if any). Returns are also facilitated through our returns policy. However, one must make sure that the product remains intact, avoiding any forms of stains or damage.

The Orthopedic Latex Pillow Online is more supportive than traditional fibre and feather pillows. The cushion strikes the ideal blend of comfort and support. The soft latex pillow well supports your head. This contour soft latex pillow is a pillow for all types of sleepers. This cushion is made of natural latex and is non-toxic and antimicrobial. Our pillow is designed to give optimal comfort and support for all sleeping postures, thanks to its ideal height and medium-firm texture. The pillow’s precise cooling channels and breathable cotton cover allow heat and moisture to escape, allowing you to sleep comfortably. Sleephill pillows for neck pain are designed to mould to the form of your spine, providing optimal orthopaedic support while remaining buoyant enough to keep your head and neck in normal alignment throughout the night. A latex pillow maintains its form for the duration of its life. The pillow soft was created to pamper you at all times. It is the recommended option for all orthopaedic sufferers. These are the best pillows in india and are made for all types of sleepers, including side, back, and stomach sleepers. When you buy pillows online, you will get a soft latex pillow that is sturdy, health-promoting bed pillow. Unlike shredded latex pillows, this Organic Latex Pillow is manufactured entirely of natural latex and may last a lifetime owing to the durability of the ingredients utilised. This sleeping neck pillow is soft but gives optimal comfort to the shoulder and neck. The ideal pillows online india are the second most crucial element to a good night’s sleep after a comfy mattress. While there are many pillows and cushions accessible online, selecting the proper one to support your head and spine is essential. When you go to the store to Buy Sleeping Pillow Online, you’ll discover soft latex pillows that are sturdy yet comfy. If you’ve been looking to buy pillows online price, you’ve come to the right place. We have the best pillows in india. The high GSM fleece fabric makes these the best pillows for neck pain. You can check out our website https://sleephill.com/soft-latex-pillow-contour to find Orthopedic Latex Pillow Online.

1 review for Orthopedic Latex Pillow – Contour

  1. Parvesh (verified owner)

    I have been using this product for many years and its a good product

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