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Latex Pillow – Original

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Soft Latex Pillow – Original is a classic product, specially made for an average sleeper. An amalgamation of natural latex and pin-core technology makes this pillow anti-allergic.
Length-27″ Width- 17″ Height-4.5″

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Sleephill Soft Latex Pillow - Original

Original pillow is made using pincore technology – a cooling mechanism that elevates air circulation in your pillow

Superior Latex Quality

Sleephill has come out with a line of high-quality pillows, made carefully to suit the needs of the consumer. Offering a wide variety of pillows within the range. Since it’s a Latex pillow, you don’t have to worry about any allergic reactions as Latex itself is an antimicrobial, sterile material. It ensures firmness and doesn’t lose its shape for years. It is shielded with a high GSM fleece fabric on top with a velvet finish.

German Pin-Core Technology

It is a scientifically proven fact that the most common reason for neck pain is a prolonged abnormal posture during sleep. A soft filled pillow that quickly drops its shape fails to offer the level of support that is needed to relax the neck muscles and ligaments. Instead, these structures are left unsupported, causing neck strain. This pillow is especially helpful for those people who are undergoing any sort of facial or spinal physiotherapy. Not only does it retain your spinal health but is also really comfortable to sleep on. Furthermore, this pillow is made using pincore technology – a cooling mechanism that elevates air circulation in your pillow.

Why Sleephill Original Soft Latex Pillow?

Removable Cover

We are strong advocates for cleanliness and utility and it is very important to include these aspects in our products. So in order to facilitate this, we decided to include a removable cover with the Pillow. The pillow cover is easily detachable and can be removed for a quick wash. Preferably, a gentle cold wash.

Fleece Fabric

The pillow is shielded with a high GSM fleece fabric on top with a velvet finish. The velvet enhances the overall look and feel of the pillow making it plusher and luxurious.

5 year Warranty

It comes with 5 years warranty. However, if the product has been mishandled or stained, it won’t be eligible for any exchange/refund. To top that, you don’t have to pay an extra delivery fee to become a part of the Sleephill family! So just lay down and relax with the comforts of the SleepHill Original Latex Pillow.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the feel of the pillow?
The Pillow has a medium-soft feel, making it extra comfortable and cozy to sleep on.
Does the latex smell foul?
No, the Latex that we use is completely organic, free from any toxins and chemicals. Since our latex is 100% organic, it doesn’t have that chemical infused smell and is absolutely odorless.
Is the product anti-microbial?
Yes, the Sleephill Latex Pillow is antimicrobial. An amalgamation of natural latex and pincore technology makes this pillow anti-allergic. Latex itself is naturally antimicrobial, a material that prohibits harsh reactions. This is supported by the pincore technology which regulates the air circulation and keeps the pillow cool.
Does the product have great lifespan?
Technically, yes. The Sleephill Latex Pillow doesn’t flatten very easily and can retain its shape for years. However, this is totally subjective to the person’s usage and maintenance of the product.
Will one bulge into the pillow while sleeping?
No, the Sleephill Latex pillow won’t bulge or sink in. It will adjust itself to your sleep posture, providing immense support to your face and neck.

1 review for Latex Pillow – Original

  1. Ajay

    This pillow is really amazing and I highly recommend this to everyone. Material quality is best.

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